New Computer/Device Setup

Just bought a shiny new laptop or iPhone and need help setting it up? I can help with securing them, installing software, migrating data, configuring for network access, etc. Bought a new fleet for your business? I can help get them imaged and deployed to your employees.

Existing Computer Upgrades

Want to speed up your existing Mac? I can help recommend and install the memory (RAM) and drive upgrades. Solid state drives (SSD) are becoming more affordable and can offer huge speed increases, even in older computers.

Windows-to-Mac Migrations

Looking to make the switch from that old, clunky Windows machine to a speedy new Mac? I can help recommend the right computer for you and help move all of your information over to the new machine. I can do this for your business too!

Software Training

Need help using a specific applications like iPhoto or iMovie to edit your photos and videos? I have experience with a vast array of applications including Adobe CS and Microsoft Office. New to Apple? I can provide one on one training to show you how to use your new Mac or iPhone to get the most out of it. Group training for your employees is also available.

Printer/Peripheral Setup

Got a new printer and need help getting it set up in your home or business? I can make recommendations for printers that suit your needs. I can help with sharing printers to other computers on your network, wireless printing and even AirPrint, which allows you to print from your iPad and iPhone. Don’t have a printer? I can help with other peripherals like cameras, scanners, external hard drives and much more!

Backup Strategies

Are your important files backed up? Hard drives die, so be prepared when yours does by having a solid backup strategy. I can make recommendations based on your budget to ensure you never lose any data. Onsite and offsite backup strategies for all of your computers and devices are available.

Device Syncing

Need help getting all of your devices in sync with each other? I can help make sure that all of your contacts, calendars, bookmarks and email messages stay in sync across all of your devices using iCloud and other providers.

Server Configuration

Have or want to set up an OS X Server in your business? I can help you set up the many great services it has to offer such as DNS, DHCP, VPN, File Sharing, User Account Management, Mail, Calendars, Web and many more. I’m an Apple Certified System Administrator and have many years experience with all versions of OS X Server.

Router/Firewall/Switch Configuration

With many years experience as a network administrator for enterprise level networks, I can help you configure, optimize and secure your network. I’ve used many different products and services over the years and can recommend a reliable solution to suit your business needs.

Wireless Networking

With the explosion of mobile devices over the last couple of years, having a reliable, robust wireless connection to handle them all is more important than ever. I can recommend the right solution for your home or business depending on your needs. I’ve worked with everything Apple Airport wireless devices to enterprise grade wireless systems.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

With the advent of the bring your own device (BYOD) to work movement, it’s more important than ever to secure the data on your employees mobile devices. There are many systems out there to lock down your devices including Apple’s own Profile Manager which is built right into OS X Server. Let me choose the correct one for your business.

‘Cloud’ Systems Management

“The Cloud” is a hot topic these days. There are many pros and cons to “putting things in the cloud.” I can help you make sense of it all and make recommendations for what systems and data to make available in the cloud to optimize reliability and efficiency of your business’s technology.

Web Site Design

I have been designing web pages for over 15 years. I can help you design a web site for your business or update your existing one so you don’t have to. I can also help you set up your own web server using OS X Server or Linux flavor if you want to host it yourself.

A/V Services

I can help you choose and set up an audio/visual system for your home or office. AppleTVs allow you stream your iPhone, iPad or Mac’s screen wirelessly to your TV. This has major implications for home entertainment centers and meeting rooms. Find out how I can help you ditch all the cables!

Have a non-Apple technology issue?

I got my start in computers working on Windows and have experience with all workstation and server operating systems including Linux, so although it’s not my specialty, I can usually figure it out. Have a specific question? Visit the contact page and let me know!